American Challenge

The maps on this page show the route that Serge and Nicole traveled in their American Challenge. The first map gives overview followed by close up maps of routes along with lists of the countries visited on each leg of the journey. The American Challenge started in South America and went northward to Alaska in the United States. All routes traced are approximate.
















South America – Start


Countries Milage
Tierra del Fuego start
Argentina 757 miles
Chile 2,819 miles
Bolivia 58 miles
Peru 1,636 miles
Ecuador 484 miles
Colombia 940 miles











Central America


Countries Milage
Panama 472 miles
Costa Rica 321 miles
Nicaragua 221 miles
Honduras 154 miles
San Salvador 160 miles
Guatemala 263 miles
Mexico 2,569 miles


North America


Countries Milage
United States (West Coast) 1,782 miles
Canada 2,005 miles
United States (Alaska) 342 miles