Producer, Writer and Director
John Davies

John Ridley

Executive Producers
Joseph Roetheli
Judy Roetheli

Executive Producers
Agnes Roetheli Gaertner
Melissa Place

Producer and Editor
Brian Kallies

Christy Dreiling
Robert N. Pafundi
Priscilla Pesci

Executive Consultant
David Dunham

Additional Materials: Writers
Joseph Roetheli
Agnes Roetheli Gaertner

Associate Producer
Paul Hendison

Serge Roetheli
Nicole Roetheli

Post Production Supervisor
Vince Tennant

Online Editor
John S. Nash

David Ho

Sound Mixer
Greg Papania

Sound Editors
Henry Moyerman
C.J. Carpenter

DeWolfe Music

Ira Eduardovna

Interview Cinematographer
Sonja Stark

Professional Expert Interviewees
Dr. Joy Browne
Amby Burfoot
Dean Karnazas
Chris Lieto
Kevin Rooney
Dr. William Tontz
Dr. Ron Zamber

Josiane Karlsson
Agnes Roetheli Gaertner

Pre-Production Services
Thayer Jester

Casting Director
Karen Ryan, Canvas Casting

Nicole Body Double
Katherine King

Marie Delage ─ Nicole Roetheli
Elizabeth Gudenrath ─ Clara Nalbone-Sauthier
Audrey Martinez – Nicole Roetheli (International Trailer)

Dialect Coach
Amy Chaffee

Integrated Marketing and Social Media Services
Priscilla Pesci
Monique Quintero
Tommy Coster
Greg Mann
Sloane Mann
Lisa Green Bolhuis
Robert Maratea
Jane Sparango

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Pafundi Law Firm, A Professional Corporation, Los Angeles, CA
Law Offices of Donald V. Smiley, A Professional Corporation, Los Angeles, CA

Very Special Thanks
Serge Roetheli
Nicole Roetheli
Yves Roetheli
Clara Nalbone-Sauthier
Susan Zamber
Learning Works, Public Works and Community Works

The Roetheli Lil’ Red Foundation

Read More About Serge And Nicole’s Inspiring Adventure In These Compelling Books:
The 25,000 Mile Love Story, The Epic Story Of The Couple Who Sacrificed Everything To Run The World
by Serge Roetheli, Dunham Books, 2012

Nicole’s Diary: Running The World Losing Our Marbles by Nicole Roetheli with Serge Roetheli
Translated by Josiane Karlsson and Agnes Roetheli Gaertner
Dunham Books, 2012

Keep On Running, The American Challengeby Serge and Nicole Roetheli
Translated by Josiane Karlsson and Agnes Roetheli Gaertner
Dunham Books, 2012

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