Producer’s Note


I’ve made documentaries about many famous Americans including Mary Tyler Moore, Billy The Kid and Richard Pryor to mention just a few, and while not easy to make, they are easier than making a compelling film about two relatively unknowns. Famous people come with a built in audience, an awareness factor and usually a press or public relations machine that has kept their image and story alive in the public’s mind.  Telling the story of Serge and Nicole Roetheli to an American audience would be a real challenge for me. It’s not because their story of love and athletic achievement isn’t a great one, because it is, but because Serge and Nicole are a non-English speaking European couple and traveled through countries Americans are typically not familiar with, I was going to have to find common ground.  So how do you interest a general audience in THE 25,000 MILE LOVE STORY?  Well, you start with the basics. Are they interesting characters? Yes. Do you care about them as human beings? Yes. Is there something unique and special about what they’ve done? Yes.  Is there a “rooting interest”, in other words, do you care if they succeed or not? Yes. I chose to ignore, or at least work around, the language and cultural barriers and make Serge and Nicole relatable to the broadest possible audience. While their achievement is extraordinary, they are still human beings going through life searching for the same things we’re all looking for…love, acceptance, family, inspiration and purpose.  Serge and Nicole found all those things and ended up finding themselves too. It is my sincere hope that audiences will enjoy THE 25,000 MILE LOVE STORY as much as I enjoyed shaping it.

– John Davies