Run For Kids World Tour

The maps on this page show the route that Serge and Nicole traveled on their Run For Kids World Tour. The first map gives a world overview followed by close-up maps of routes along with lists of the countries visited on each leg of the journey. All routes traced are approximate.




Europe – Start


Countries Milage
Switzerland 78 miles
France 293 miles










Western Africa


Countries Milage
Morocco 1,279 miles
Mauritania 392 miles
Sengal 706 miles
Guinea 548 miles
Mali 186 miles
Burkina Faso 485 miles
Togo 480 miles
Benin 74 miles









Southern Africa


Countries Milage
South Africa 1232 miles
Lesotho 81 miles
Swaziland 133 miles
Mozambique 89 miles
Madagascar 941 miles








Northern Africa & Asia/Middle East


Countries Milage
Egypt 500 miles
Jordan 314 miles
Lebanon 126 miles
Syria 62 miles












Countries Milage
India 1460 miles
Nepal 1047 miles
Bangladesh 79 miles
Singapore 19 miles
Malaysia 477 miles
Thailand 1581 miles
Laos 296 miles








Australia & New Zealand


Countries Milage
Australia 3520 miles
Australia: Tasmania 763 miles
New Zealand 1882 miles










South America


Countries Milage
Chile 91 miles
Argentina 1300 miles
Brazil 960 miles


















North America


Countries Milage
United States of America 1921 miles
Canada 60 miles









Europe – End


Countries Milage
Portugal 299 miles
Spain 598 miles
France 941 miles
Switzerland 126 miles