The Adventurers


Serge Roetheli

Renowned endurance athlete Serge Roetheli was born in Switzerland.  As a young child, Serge spent many hours hiking with his mother and being an “outdoors lover” quickly grew into a lifestyle.

Athletic from an early age, Serge’s commitment to training and fitness drove him to excel as a young boxer. With hard work and dedication, Serge became a six-time national boxing champion in Switzerland. In 1976 he was selected to represent the Swiss boxing team for the Montreal Olympics.

At the age of 40, Serge, along with his wife and only crew support, Nicole, decided to run from Tierra de Fuego, Argentina to Fairbanks, Alaska. Nearly three years and 14,982 miles later, they were completing in what would become known as the ‘America’s Challenge’. This was just the first step for Serge and Nicole, however. They were already planning to embark on the ultimate adventure…to run around the world.

Five years later on February 13, Serge and Nicole again left their home in Switzerland and began “The World Tour”. This was a grand adventure that would take them five years, through 35 countries over six continents. Serge would run 25,422 miles with Nicole by his side. Now back from this great journey, Serge is again back in the mountains he loves, working as a climbing guide and speaking to groups around the world about his journey and life insights.

As Serge often says when speaking about his journey: “Nothing is impossible if you are willing to pay the price”.



Nicole Roetheli

Nicole was born June 4, 1968 in Riddes, Switzerland. When her mother became ill as a child, she was forced to grow up quickly and began working in a Swiss tearoom to support her family.

Unhappy with her health as a teen, Nicole began training to become a triathlete. Nicole claims, “During this period of my youth I realized how rich life is when one is healthy.” She became a workout enthusiast with a strong passion for biking.

Serge and Nicole met in the same tearoom where she had worked at throughout her childhood. He filled a void for Nicole and matched her zeal for life. She says, “Serge showed me that nothing is impossible. And we could build a life together and live our dream ourselves. I could only love this man who provides me with this incomparable power.”

Nicole began the American Challenge by riding a bicycle, which she pedaled more than 3,500 kilometers before the bike was demolished by a car (fortunately Nicole was unharmed). She finished the remaining 24,115 kilometers of the Challenge on a small motorcycle. After a two-year hiatus, Serge and Nicole began the World Tour and saw the world, covering 40,912 kilometers (25,422 miles) over 63 months.

Nicole has since returned home and resides in Switzerland.