The Roetheli Lil’ Red Foundation Note

Why the Foundation is producing The 25,000 Mile Love Story:

From the moment we learned of Serge Roetheli through genealogy work we were amazed. As we did more research about him, the intrigue and fascination grew. Learning of Serge and his wife Nicole’s decision to abandon all the comforts of life to follow their dream of raising awareness and helping children by running around the globe was not only inspiring to us – it seemed like an impossible endurance feat. Hearing the many obstacles Serge and Nicole endured and overcame filled our hearts and inspired us to persist with our dreams and passions in hopes of doing more for others in need. Their efforts encouraged us to persist and overcome obstacles in our entrepreneurial business endeavors.

We are confident that Serge and Nicole’s story (film, books, etc.) will inspire others to conquer their own dreams.







Other Inspirational Projects of The Foundation

Visit us at The Lil’ Red Foundation to learn more about our other inspirational film releases, including I See The Crowd Roar A documentary about William “Dummy” Hoy, a young deaf and mute man, who dreamed of playing major league baseball in the late 1800’s. After being told repeatedly that he would never play at the professional level because he was profoundly deaf and small, he practiced, persisted and achieved his dream of becoming a star outfielder and star player in his era of Major League Baseball. His “handicap” contributed to umpires using hand signals in baseball today. He still holds a record that had stood for over 100 years – throwing out three base runners from centerfield, unassisted, at home plate in a single game. Available for purchase at

– Joe & Judy Roetheli