World Tour Statistics


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Wooly Worm Crawl

If a hypothetical wooly worm began crawling at a rate of 1.5255 inches per minute when Christ was born and was able to survive and continue the pace until he/she had crawled the distance of the world tour, this hypothetical wooly worm would have completed the world tour distance about 4.5 years after Serge & Nicole crossed their finish line!

Serge drank 6.05 tons of Coca Cola (12,100 pounds or 16,133 twelve ounce cans) on the world tour,which equates to 1.57 miles/per can of Coca Cola.

Nicole used 101 tubes of lipstick on the world tour or 251 miles per tube.

Serge used 64 pairs of shoes (one pair per month) on the world tour or 396 miles per pair of shoe; so in effect he changed his “tires” every 400 miles.